Colposcope Z4

Colposcope Z4

The Z4 Centrel colposcope opens up to new horizons of the gynecological diagnosis. The optical body with variable magnification continuous zoom integrates with the unique technology Led Power System that provides a beam of sunlight. Thanks to LED technology, that don’t need any fiber optic and lamp, it is finally possible to the actual observation of the epithelium in all different shades, for precise and complete investigation as never before.

The positioning of the optical body rapid, smooth and precise control can be achieved only with the use of a side arm with self balancing pantograph movement which is maintained in perfect balance even with the application of the accessories. With control of the focal length embedded in the handle, present on the right or left, any correction will be easy and fast.


Each of the Z4 mechanical detail has been designed to offer maximum practicality on a small footprint: the power supply is built into the stand, the base has been specially designed with star design and without counterweight to be easily inserted between the legs of the bed, thus allowing the maximum space efficiency. All in accordance with actual design for the harmony of form, color scheme, features. On request is available the version for chair.

A wide range of accessories is available to suit every need of education or documentation, even with the means of the appropriate software for reporting assisted, Centrel Colpox. The combination of the Z4 colposcope with the AC2 system, allows a complete hysteroscopy workstation with obvious advantages in terms of investment.

Data sheets

Eyepieces10X / 21 standard, 15X / 14 optional
Working distance300 mm standard, 250 mm optional
Zoom ratio1 : 6,5
Optical bodyStereo parallel beam, binocular 45 °
Body tilt Optical+/- 30°
LightingLED equivalent to 170 W
FilterSlide green
Diopter correction+ 8 /- 5 D
Focus adjustment orderMicrometer bilateral
Supply230VAC (other on request)
Weight33 kg
ComplianceIEC 601-1, IEC 601-1-2, CEE 93/42
Base sizeDiameter 600 mm

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