Colposcope S12

Colposcope CENTREL S12

the first step towards the gynecological diagnosis

Lightweight, compact and portable, the colposcope Centrel S12 is the ideal choice in the case of a budget without any compromise on quality.


The new lighting system and LED diode represents a real revolution for this type of device. The spectral output is now comparable to that of the sun, enabling accurate and faithful colorimetric reproduction: a huge step up from the previous generation of technology that made use of a halogen lamp. Not having to rely more on the optical fiber, nor on any lamp, maintenance is in fact reduced to a minimum with a consequent saving on operating costs. The diode LED guarantees thousands of hours of light without any decay in time, also the colposcope Centrel S12 is devoid of the cooling fan, this peculiarity allows it not to generate any noise during operation.
A stand is available as second one, without optical head, to use the colposcope in two different studies without having to carry the whole appliance.


– The careful manufacturing process of the lenses, which includes a special anti-reflective coating, allows a high depth of field and sharp vision of details without any eyestrain, for the benefit of an accurate diagnosis and safe.


– The second pair of eyepieces is housed on the binocular head to ensure the quick change of the magnification.


– With two pairs of eyes fitted as standard, the S12 covers the entire range of magnifications used in routine colposcopic maintaining high working distance.


– The inclination of the head 45 ┬░ binocular respects the ergonomics of observation while the vision of the details more interior is favored by lighting coaxial of the light beam which does not transmit heat to the patient.

– The fine adjustment of the focus is on both sides for greater operability; completes the sliding green filter built in to emphasize the vasculature.


– To view the image on a monitor, you can install an optional camera on an eyepiece.


– Compact, practical and handy colposcope S12 has also been studied in design to fit right in both private practice and in the clinics.

Data sheet

Eyepieces10X - 15X
Magnification8,2X - 12,3X
Field of view35 mm - 24 mm
Working Distance280 mm
LightingLed system
Diopter Correction+/- 5 D
Fine focusing range+/- 18 mm
Height Adjustement730-1040 mm
Power Supply100-240 VAC
Weight6 kg
Markmarchio-ce 93/42
ComplianceIEC-601-1, Classe I tipo B, Dir. 93/42/CE

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