Colposcope C43

Colposcope C43

The colposcope Centrel C43 is the first model in the range of colposcope Centrel using a pantograph arm, for a practical and fast positioning of the stereoscopic head.


The optical body, compact size, goes well with a stand articulated arms with the base without overweight, device that allows the positioning of the colposcope attached to gynecological bed for maximum space optimization.


Without lamp and without optical fiber, the C43 resets, in fact, maintenance costs and improved reliability over time compared to previous generation products with halogen technology.


Through a beam splitter you can install a digital camera and transform the colposcope C43 in a photo-video colposcope that produces images and HD videos displayed on the led monitor. On request the C43 is available in bed-chair version.


– The middle range of colposcope Centrel renews inheriting from the model Z4 Power Led System that employs the innovative diode LED to illuminate the field of action with a white light and finally the duration of 35,000 hours. The mounting of the diode directly on the optical body avoids the use of optical fibers by increasing the luminous efficiency. Without light cable and without lamp to be replaced periodically, maintenance costs are virtually zero. A low power consumption is combined with the absence of any cooling fan for an absolute silent operation.


– Compact design, color combination and harmony of design testify to the accuracy in the planning for over forty years as from Centrel tradition. The binocular head inclined at 45 °, together with the practical central handle, provides the best ergonomics. The swivel arm of the C43 provides excellent maneuverability of the optical body to guarantee observation restful even after many hours of work. The eyepieces, both provided with dioptrical regulation are also equipped with retractable eye-cup for users wearing glasses.

– An accurate diagnosis is the first goal of the gynecologist so every detail must be reached with the highest fidelity. The exceptional depth of field of the galileian optical system, gives a three-dimensional view and sharp contrast of the whole field, minimizing the use of focus drive. The three selectable magnifications are centered on the more commonly used solutions regret not doing more complex and expensive.


– The photo colposcopy is an increasingly common practice to protect own profession and to offer the patient a report complete with pictures. The Sony digital camera applied to the C43 produces photos and movies in HD that can also be viewed live on the LCD swivel freely. Thanks to the isolation transformer built into the stand, the C43 is designed to accommodate the monitor and the camera in full compliance with the regulations on safety of medical devices. Within seconds the small sublimation printer produces prints A6 photo quality. The need for a medical report with text and images is met by installing a notebook on a swivel shelf, combined with an high-definition digital camera.

Data sheets

SpecificationsOcular X 12.5
Magnification3X - 5X - 8X
Field of view49.7 - 31 - 19.3mm
Working distance300 mm
Lensf 300 mm as standard, optional 250 f
Pupillary distance55-76 mm
Body3 optical zoom factors
Binocular head45 ° as standard, optional 0 °
LED lightingequivalent to 150W
FilterGreen filter slide
Diopter adjustment+/- 5 D
Fine focus adjustment lens15 mm excursion
Power requirements230 VAC
Markmarchio-ce 93/42
Complyng toIEC 601-1, IEC 601-1-2, 93/42
Weight33 kg

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