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Diagnostics through images is going to have more and more importance for the observation and study of the various diseases. Centrel has developed a series of medical instruments that permit to the specialists to practice their profession with completeness, effectiveness and personal satisfaction.
The wide range of colposcopes in the gynaecological line, all without lamp and optical fibre, ranges from the basic S12 for whom is approaching to this speciality to the Z4 suitable for diagnostics, teaching and operativeness also through the use of laser technology.
The innovative light source LED D150, different sets of diagnostic hysteroscopy and office, high-resolution cameras, optical couplers and also real/proper mobile workstations for outpatient endoscopy belong to Centrel endoscopic line.


The video surgery system VDS30 gathers the best technologies to arrange video recordings in general, plastic and dental surgery. The diagnostic and operative microscope OM3 belongs to Centrel microscopy line; it is supplied with the innovative LED light source that no longer employs the optical fibre.