The colposcopy is a fundamental test for the early diagnosis of HPV which can evolve in cervical cancer, if not monitored. Centrel devotes lots of its resources to the research and design of a wide range of high-tech colposcopes, without lamp and optical fibre.
The colposcope S12 is suggested for doctors who want to approach to the practice of colposcopy, it can offer two magnifications and can be equipped with camera and monitor / pc.
The colposcope C23 employs a very compact optic body with three magnifications and a space-saving stand, it is the best choice for consulting rooms with limited space, while C43 combines the optic head of C23 to a pantographic stand in which a monitor can be positioned with a specific arm, so it is possible to obtain a photo-colposcope or a video-colposcope if equipped with photo and video accessories.


The colposcope Z4 represents the excellence in its technical specifications and accessories. Ideal in prestigious medical studies and in gynaecology wards, it is an indispensable aid for colposcopy screening thanks to the zoom magnification and to the possibility of adding a satellite notebook provided with the Colpox software.

Our gynecological equipment

Colposcope S12


Lightweight, compact and portable, the colposcope Centrel S12 is the ideal choice in the case of a budget without any compromise on quality.


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Colposcope C23


The colposcope Centrel C23 belongs to the middle range of the colposcope Centrel and shares with the higher model C43 the same optical head.


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Colposcope C43


The colposcope Centrel C43 is the first model in the range of colposcope Centrel using a pantograph arm, for a practical and fast positioning of the stereoscopic head.


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Colposcope Z4


The Z4 Centrel colposcope opens up to new horizons of the gynecological diagnosis. The optical body with variable magnification continuous zoom integrates with the unique technology Led Power System that provides a beam of sunlight.


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