The new line of endoscopy has been created by Centrel to satisfy the request for innovative products in the field of endoscopic gynecological practice, with particular reference to diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy office. The objective is to provide a range of tools by the particular characteristics that can improve the endoscopic experience with high-definition optical systems, free of distortion at the edges, in combination with innovative design solutions such as, for example, the ability to rotate the stopcocks for irrigation in diagnostic and operational sheaths.


Many years of experience in the use of LED sources in the colposcope Centrel, made it possible to create a light source that does not use halogen or xenon bulb, with a light emission lifetime of several thousand hours and a drastic reduction in costs of exercise.


The integrated systems of video-endoscopy, wheeled or portable, are the new frontier of endoscopic discipline for hospitals and private clinics.

Our endoscopic equipment