AC2 endoscopy column

AC2 column

The AC2 video endoscopy column has been designed for the private clinic or the diagnostic and operational hysteroscopy department but it can be used for any endoscopic discipline that uses a single-chip camera.

The peculiarity of the AC2 is the light led source buil into the camera head. In this way, you don’t need anymore any external light source and any light cable, so you can operate easily with a lighter camera head.

Thanks to the optimized interface, you can easily store photos and videos on a USB key or print an A4 size report with patient data, comments and selected pictures. It is also possible to create a PDF report or send the pictures/movies to a folder by lan or Wi-Fi. By an optional multilanguage software with patient database, you can store the reports.

The printer with LED technology and photographic quality can be inserted in the lower shelf, while the intermediate ones can accommodate the irrigation pump and the electrosurgical unit for mono or bipolar surgery.

The large monitor with pantograph arm and high contrast IPS technology allows optimal observation by the operator and assistants. Thanks to the supporting frame that incorporates the cables, cleaning is facilitated to guarantee maximum hygiene.

Data sheets

Hardware24" IPS monitor with pantographic arm, SSD 1Tb
Softwarelight or full
ConnectionsRJ45, Wi-Fi, HDMI, 2 USB ports
Storage format Jpeg/MP4
Compatible printersWindows
Accessories included Ecam2 Full Hd camera, led source in the camera head
Optional accessoriesAD22, AD25, AD32, zoom ADZ couplers, SS4 printer
Additional IEC sockets 3
Isolation transformerBuilt-in
Power supply 220-240VAC 50/60 Hz
Compliant withCEI EN 60601-1, CEI EN 60601-1-2, 93/42 CEE

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