EP10 EP20 integrated systems

EP10 EP20 integrated systems

The new Centrel EP10 and EP20 integrated video endoscopy systems contain in a single chassis an HD camera in the EP10 model and Full HD in the EP20 model. Through a large monitor and a LED you can comfortably see the examination.

Both EP10 and EP20 have the light source that connects directly to the endoscope. This arrangement makes it possible to no longer use any optical fiber cables, making the endoscope-camera unit lighter and easier to handle.

Thanks to the optimized interface, you can easily store photos and videos on a USB key or print an A4 size report with patient data, comments and selected pictures. It is also possible to create a PDF report or send the pictures/movies to a folder by lan or Wi-Fi.

Placed on a shelf or installed on a trolley, this portable work station is the ideal tool for photographic video documentation and teaching.

The supplied wireless keyboard, with integrated touchpad, interacts with the system with the utmost simplicity and immediacy. A practical dedicated case and a special trolley are available as optional accessories.

Data sheets

HardwareHigh definition IPS 17" monitor, HD 500 GB
SoftwareWindows compatible
Connections RJ45 socket, Wi-Fi, 3 USB ports
Storage sizephoto / video JPEG / WMV
Compatible printersWindows
Light sourceMaintenance-free LED light source buil in, lasting about 35,000 hours
Light source powerEquivalent to 150 W Xenon
Standard accessories Hd camera (EP10), Full Hd camera (EP20), wireless keyboard with touchpad (please ask for your language one)
Optional accessoriesAD22, AD25, AD32 or zoom ADZ couplers, BA2 suitcase, TR1 trolley
Classification Class I type B
Power 90–240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Conforms toCEI EN 60601-1, CEI EN 60601-1-2, 93/42 CEE
Dimensions 420x 330 x 85 (w x h x d) mm.
Weight 5,3 Kg.

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